Real Estate

Augmented Reality Makes Dreams Come True

Envision the final product in the real world environment before moving into your new house. We help consumers explore, experience, customize to your likes & tastes faster than any prototypes, saving time and resources. “Your new home in you palm in a 4D Augmented Reality Model with real spaces, actual sizes, true colors in real-time just as you desire”.

ThoughtMaQers create 2D/3D/4D Models, Videos, Panoramic Views based Augmented Reality advertisements, Marketing Campaigns for builders and property developers help you sell your current or future apartments, flats, villas, resorts, commercial projects to prospective clients and or valuable consumers. We recommend consumers to download FAUXL™, scan the Ad or print image and enjoy the rich multimedia experience format transforming moments of advertisements into happiness at real-time in your palms either on the reference or off the reference or virtual scanning, reference on cloud.

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