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While online presence has become the focus of area for most businesses today, Print & OOH (Out Of Home) advertising still remain the core engines to reach consumers and to go to markets. FAUXL™ has a distinct approach, that recognizes clarity for ROI is important, developed this application that well differentiates and sustains with innovation.

Consumers get the new astounding way to view, feel and experience Print/OOH advertisements in real from your smartphone/tablets.

FAUXL™ enables brands, enterprises, publishers and agencies to use their products, packaging, newspapers, magazines, merchandising to activate interactive digital content, which users unlock by downloading FAUXL™ and experience augmented reality advertisements.

"Entrepreneurs get the fully advantage of the new generation cutting edge AR technology and campaigns, know their consumers preferences, intelligent consumer engagement, real time data statistics, advanced/predictive analytics of the existing, future market demand, growing consumer needs and customer relationship management services."

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