Our Advisors

mathew antony

Mathew Antony

Technical Mentor

Mathew Antony is the Founder & President of Softscan Corporation, registered in 1984 and the Chairman of Megatrend Systems Pvt. Ltd. since 1996. He served as the Managing Director of Peacock Software from 1990 to 1996. He worked as Principal Engineer in charge of engineering applications for Pullman Kellogg, and Chief Engineer, Engineering Applications, Humphreys & Glasgow, London for 8 years before he returned to India in 1981.

Mathew holds a postgraduate degree in Thermal Power Engineering from London University and a diploma of the Imperial College of Science & Technology, London. His experience in successful management of several software organizations enables rapid assessment of computing needs and realistic consideration of software development expectations. Worked in the UK and on several projects in Switzerland, Tanzania, Bhutan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan and India.

Mathew Antony is the Technical Mentor to ThoughtMaQers Technology Private Limited sharing his deep knowledge and expertise. He guides and advises ThoughtMaQers technical leaders, BOD and management on advanced and complex algorithms, data-flow-diagrams, RDBMS and or problems involved product development, information sharing knowledge, cross-functional domains and multidisciplinary expertise supporting the organization for strong technical foundations and successful development yielding fruitful results.

mani alexander

Mani Alexander Pulimood

Business Mentor

Mani Alexander Pulimood is the Director at Megatrend Systems Pvt. Ltd, Prime mover for the development of the LAKSHYA suite for structured information captures solutions for SMEs to provide all round knowledge management services. Spearheading the development of ‘GENESIS’ a tool for the management of Intangible Projects.

He served as the Director at International Trade Development Co (India) Pvt. Ltd, Engaged in the evolution of a composite project involving Organic Agriculture, Edutainment, Tiny eco-friendly industry, Creativity incubator, Management studies and facilitation of International trade. Over the years he served and worked as Director at Dhruva Advisory and Turnaround Management Services Pvt. Ltd Prior to that he served as Director at Alternate Intelligence Research Pvt. Ltd, basic research into knowledge embedded expert systems. Areas of research include Ayurveda, Structured Logic and Epistemology.

Mani Alexander Pulimood holds a postgraduate degree MA, International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, LLB from Govt. Law College Ernakulam and Integrated Project Information Management Course from Métier (A subsidiary of The Lockheed Corporation, USA). Based on personal interest in Indian philosophy and Indian Epistemology & Navya Nyaya Language he achieved certifications in Methodology level 1 2 & 3. In later years he studied at the Asiatic Society (An Institute of National importance), Kolkata the Structure of Sanskrit Language – The Paninian Model.

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