ThoughtMaQers “FAUXL™” version 6.0 Makes Into The 4th Wave of Digital Platform Delivering Augmented and Mixed Reality Commercial Solutions

diitital wave

  1. Consumer computing platform changes aren’t straight lines, they’re waves. PC, internet and mobile were the first 3 waves, and each was faster, larger and more disruptive than the last.

  2. Now FAUXL™, in the fourth wave of mobile augmented and mixed reality solutions will transform Print, Internet & Digital world into moments of engagement and monetization

Now & News


  • ThoughtMaQers is now Times Of India’s National Media & Advertising Partner for Brands/Advertisers/Marketers/Organizations


  • FAUXL Version 6.0 releases it latest 4D mobile augmented reality commercial application making breakthrough with “ Transforming Vision Into Reality” & Connecting All Walks Of Life !

  • Launched HyYOh Chat - Quick Link 2 Your Network Connections, Chat Chat with unique features like tunneling & acknowledgement, instant conference chat, 4D Augmented Reality Campaigns & Videos, Media Manager and much more....

  • Launched House Of Mixx H’Mixx offer you a world of advertisements and entertainments, to experience and avail the thrilling music, videos, movies, trailers, dazzling offers, promotions, prizes and adding colors to life.

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