Mobile Monetization

Your culture is your BRAND

Our in-house developed software technologies and the most advanced tools help brands to connect with every customer anytime and anywhere, offline or online. FAUXL™ advertisements have the premium ability creating new demand generation, business opportunities, reach and return of investment.

Attract more customers

We “Bring Print To Life” for all Offline Print / Out-Door / Media / Online Digital advertisements offering real-time new rich media experience 2D/3D Images/videos/panoramic campaigns at one touch.

Get more customers

Know your customers‘ preferences, choices, tastes, views, likes, interests, impulses & much more

Targeted Marketing

Target your ads to customers in cities, provinces, states, countries and or nearby your business or shop.

Customization & Real-Time Analytics

100% Customized ADS. ADS are interactive, intelligent touch receptive, real-time stats are generated and advanced business analytics is delivered.

Today consumers download multiple apps of their choice for their daily needs but never found one app that serves “ALL IN ONE”. FAUXL™ is the worlds first largest mobile palace, sign up to buy, sell, refer, place augmented reality ADS, winning consumer attention and mindshare on the move and from the horde of apps.

FAUXL™ Augmented Reality Advertisements are first of its kind, exclusive, reliable and monetizes; help consumers take great decisions, connects intelligently, emotionally, delivering the best with a new experience.

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