Life @ ThoughtMaQers

We’ve always wanted ThoughtMaQers to be a place that brought together smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds, and where you could immerse yourself in work. What happens when you mix together entrepreneurial drive, resources, freedom and the urge to do the right thing? A perfect storm. In the Innovation issue of our online magazine, Think Quarterly, ThoughtMaQers explain how they these create and leverage technology for the greater good.

Innovation at ThoughtMaQers

We believe when minds are open and there is freedom of work, innovation is born. Every individual or team is a collection of thoughts, ideas transformed into solutions, meeting the world’s biggest challenges and customer requirements. Eventually we bring and or create value in every offering of ours, enhance organisation business, connecting people, work and time on the move. Learn how ThoughtMaQers teams think BIG, find innovative & creative ways to work better and smarter in all that we do.

ThoughtMaQers Voice

People and processes are the core essentials of what we are today; we have taken various paths and ways shaping their career to get here. Learn more about what we do and some of the choices we’ve made along the way.

Our Hiring Way

We’re looking for our next MaQer - someone who’s good for the role, good for ThoughtMaQers and good at lots of things.


Our benefits are part of who we are, and they're designed to take care of the whole you and keep you healthy, whether physically, emotionally, financially or socially. Our mantra @ ThoughtMaQers is to have a perfect Work Life Balance.

  • 1. We want to make your life better and easier.
  • 2. We want our benefits to work for you.
  • 3. We care about you AND your family.

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