Empowering Youth

Be the Change

ThoughtMaQers create opportunities for youth, globally. We encourage youth internally and externally to take small or large initiatives and or projects for the benefit of self and society. This could be for learning and educating self or providing the same for the welfare of the community. They could be tomorrows aspiring leaders and who do not fear risk, implementing innovative ideas and thoughts for a reasonable or noble cause. ThoughtMaQers Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) provides opportunity for young people who are encouraged, trained, supported, mentored, challenged, and mobilized to “be the change” they want to see in their communities.

Youth empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults.


It is all about “Building Tomorrows World Today”, thinking out of the box! What’s more critical to producing a breakthrough – finding creative people or finding creative ideas?

Is it just Brainstorming or the Art of Invention”. We need to give opportunity, time, training for people and process to bring innovation to the organization. People matter; process matters. Talented people can be hobbled by poor processes; hesitant people can be uplifted by smart processes. In the best of all possible worlds, extraordinary people pursue innovative ideas through processes that are perfectly suited to their talents. ThoughtMaQers promote every employee and support to become great innovators and grow with the company. ThoughtMaQers is looking forward to focus on imparting such skill sets to students/talented people to improve their employability quotient. At the same time, it is also energizing, emphasizing and mobilizing students/talented people to innovate. Innovation represents an opportunity to unlock the creativity and business prowess of the company’s rising stars.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Be the Volunteer

The principles and guidelines for a CSR activity is developed for a social cause, the key mechanism is to promote national efforts to adopt integrated policies towards social sustainability and development of the community. Governments’ reactions to this situation have been various and progressive in the recent years and have implemented national policies on CSR to encourage organizations to execute CSR projects towards the benefit and uplift of the nation. We have been invited by other companies to implement CSR initiatives or projects with the purpose of giving a social impulse towards responsible business conduct.

Even though various companies have adopted CSR principles during the past few years there is still a challenge on how to disseminate knowledge of these principles and guidelines by the private sector and to continue encouraging companies to use and implement these criteria in developing economies.


1. CSR storyline: The entire social engagement CSR program is created in line and conjunction as per the needs of the society and to bring in a meaningful resourceful long-lasting impact on people’s lives.

2. Sustainability: Short-term projects financed by one-time monetary support do not create permanent change. Sustaining projects is a challenge. Therefore each project will be evaluated for long-term sustainability before committing resources for it. Its progress will be reviewed against intended objectives at regular intervals.

3. Scalability:ThoughtMaQers will design/support projects that could be up-scaled in the mid and long-term to create scope for touching the lives of a larger number of under-privileged people.

4. Promoting volunteering: ThoughtMaQers promotes employee volunteering in every CSR project if interested but with complete ownership. The volunteers will be trained to impart the necessary skills to run CSR projects successfully. This will be done to ensure that the volunteers get first-hand insights on the socially relevant issues and the requirements.

5. ThoughtMaQers Value Addition: As far as possible, CSR projects would make use of ThoughtMaQers competence (like Professional training & Coaching) enriching the Girl Child Career Growth program for greater social impact. ThoughtMaQers volunteers will add value by sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise in specific domains, thereby adding uniqueness to the programs and give a promising fruitful respectful outcome to the society.

Go Green

Life Beyond Imaginations

ThoughtMaQers focuses strongly that every Office of ours is digitally managed, use less paper, reusable paper products, make our working environment green and colourful.

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