Innovative Customer Engagement ™

We Value Your Time & Spend

ThoughtMaQers innovative customer engagement approach helps companies drive higher acquisition, retention and profitability by understanding and engaging customers on a truly one-to-one basis. Customer Engagement Solutions operate with a real-time perspective on subscriber data, allow for intimacy through analytically driven personalization of services, and drive the level of automated network & service interaction needed to assure continually high customer experience.

We build value and competitive differentiation with a well-orchestrated eco-system of partners and provide contextually intelligent interactions. Customer database with facts & feedbacks, derivative analytics on customer data on an individual customer-by-customer basis, companies can gain better insight into more than just the top 20% of its most profitable customers. It is imperative to figure out the potential profitability of the other 80% of its customer base – discovering what is each customer’s propensity to perform the treasured behaviors they are not currently displaying.

ICE programs and campaigns will motivate each customer to perform those incremental profitable behaviors, thereby driving more revenue and profitability for the business. In business we focus, set our minds work as a consumer and contributor to the customer engagement industry and happily appreciate the evolution from segmentation marketing to innovative customer engagement. “As a consumer, the more value I drive for any organisation that leverages innovative customer engagement – whether in the form of increasing my basket size or spend, promoting brand advocacy or introducing my family and friends as new customers – the more incentives I get, incentives that are personalized and valuable to me”.

ThoughtMaQers business mantra is “customer is first, innovation is business, winning with integrity and delivering the best” so we listen to our customer needs, desires and find new ways of innovative customer engagement, which works for them.

In all we do, we’re focused on delivering solutions to enable smarter decisions and more effective outcomes so our customers are attracted and keep multiplying business. Above all, we are committed to the superior long-term value they need to grow and thrive.

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