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The Internet has transformed the way people transact for their daily needs in the recent years, be it ordering food, booking movie tickets, or even booking a cab. FAUXL™ revolutionizes eCommerce business to mCommerce; brining Print to Life on the move, connecting all walks of life, never miss an opportunity or a promotion and monetizing frequent buyers because of five main reasons;

1. Transforming advertisements into moments of engagement & monetization

2. New Experience beyond imaginations

3. Innovative Customer Engagement™ (ICE)

4. Impulsive buying behavior

5. Saving Money, Time & Travel

FAUXL™ online monetized augmented reality campaigns reach your relevant customers at the right place at the right time. We get your business expand, attract new online visitors, grow offline/online sales, new dimensions for engagement and deliver what gets managed and measured.

Once the campaign gets going, information is on the move, the phones start ringing, customers starts sharing their likes, new references, they come back for how much more FAUXL™ can help. WoW…

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