An idea born in 2012, sketched, brainstormed, laid foundation for the new beginning. The power of Blue Ocean Strategy concepts and management theory inspired our founder to pencil, pursue his ideas from dorm to home, wired thoughts from hired conference rooms to boardrooms, built a team of fresh genius talents, seasoned technology professionals to establish ThoughtMaQers and move on.

ThoughtMaQers was formed after the meticulous market study and understanding the market need for Computer Vision Technology, Internet Of Things, Mobile Internet Applications, Consulting Services & Business Analytics. After 2 years of Research & Development and continuous efforts, ThoughtMaQers are in the market now serving clients in India and globally.

Today we are a team filled with aspirations and perseverance looking forward to build new clients, multiply businesses and create footprints in five continents in the coming years, achieving great milestones.

Transforming "Vision into Reality" Redefining Advertisements

Who We Are

Trusted Advisors

ThoughtMaQers are trusted advisors to organizations, partner in business, work with confidence to meet client business requirements, demands...
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What We Do

Connecting people on the move

ThoughtMaQers flagship product FAUXL™, based on computer vision technology, industry vertical marketing campaigns...

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What We Beleive

We are confident, Focused and Diciplined

At ThoughtMaQers we’re focused to deliver sustained values. We are successful if our clients are successful. It is imperative...
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