Connecting All Walks of Life

ThoughtMaQers Proudly presents FAUXL™ Version 6.0 the world’s best 4D Augmented Reality Mobile Application “FAUXL™” connecting people to brands and serving to the needs, desires of consumers.

ThoughtMaQers Proudly presents FAUXL™ Version 6.1.1

FAUXL™ “ Brings Print To Life” either Offline or Online, We change the way billions of people see, feel, interact and share like never ever before, "Connecting All Walks Of Life”.

FAUXL™, is quick, quantumised and high definition quality app that helps businesses reach its targeted consumers who can DISCOVER, EXPLORE, ENGAGE (Customize the way you want it, feel it and view it any angle you like” overall an incredible EXPERIENCE, presenting Prints/Online ADS in its newest dimension.

We transform “PRINT AND OR ONLINE” advertisements into interactive intelligent engagement, increasing brand awareness, enhancing brand equity. FAUXL™ collects real-time stats to provide monetized analytics in a breathtaking way, for every business need.

We let you explore, discover and engage into the gamut of Augmented Reality 4D Images/models/video/ panoramic walk-through campaigns, integrated in rich media, in real time in their actual size & environment.

FAUXL™ Technology Utility Functions




Share messages, campaigns, promos, offers, contests to your dear and near ones

House Of Mixx

House Of Mixx

House Of Mixx entertaining You with Music, Movies, ADS, Trailers, Teasers, Cartoons, Kids Shows, News, Sports & much more



Organizations, advertisers and publishers showcase their products and services



4D Augmented Reality Campaigns - Transforming ADS Into Moments Of Engagement



NearBy and Navigation Map that connects people to brands, outlets, location and destination

Mobile Analytics

We unlock the world of hidden things or objects giving you a 4D experience beyond imaginations (On the reference, off the reference and cloud virtual scanning”, engaging you interactively, interestingly delivering Innovative Customer Engagement ™ (ICE).

It’s all about "Building Tomorrows World Today"!

Anywhere anytime you spot FAUXL™ there’s always an experience for you to explore.

Gentle and simple, open FAUXL™ and point it at your target, scan to unlock the amazing experience.

Feel the difference. Why waiting.... Get started; Enjoy FAUXL™

Download FAUXL™ from Apple Appstore, Google Playstore letting you enjoy the experience of 2D/3D/4D campaigns in real time environment and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE on your mobile phone devices such as smartphones, tablets & phablets.

DOWNLOAD Version 6.1.1 : Available On Appstore & Playstore

AR pop6 Logo

Every print or online advertisement campaign will be surface real.
We bring three types of augmented reality campaign environments,

Download FAUXL – Click Ads – Click Vertical by Choice – Click any of the three button and experience the campaigns beyond imaginations.

on the reference
off the reference
artificial intelligence ar

  • On the reference – Campaigns play on the advertisement page or the reference page
  • Off-the-reference – move out of the reference page and play anywhere e.g.: On the wall, table or dashboard of the car any place you desire
  • Artificial Intelligence AR – Never worry that you couldn’t find the AD or reference page or missed it, click on explore, navigate to campaigns by VERTICAL/MONTH/YEAR, choose the campaign, click on the virtual scanning button, the campaign gets downloaded in real-time.

All campaigns and integrated into the respective industry vertical categories, map views, radar navigation systems and preferences, building new business opportunities, connecting all walks of life and enhance sales.

Benefits for Enterprises Benefits for Consumers
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Brand Recognition
  • Winning Consumer Mindshare
  • ADS Made To Measure
  • Improved Demand Generation
  • Increase Reach
  • 24/7, 360° Insights
  • Re-Marketing Campaigns
  • Share Stats month on month
  • Real Time Analytics & Consumer
  • Identify prospective clients
  • Seasonal or Objective Campaigns
  • Glocal Campaigns
  • Create Citizenships
  • Connect the Unconnected
  • One Stop Shop for all your needs
  • Gamut of preferences
  • Ads beyond imaginations
  • Better Than Competition
  • Avail the best offers
  • Anytime Anywhere
  • Customize & Personalize
  • Grab the lost deals
  • User Friendly
  • Better Engagement
  • Share your interests & Feedback
  • Value for money
  • Share it with relatives & friends
  • Earn privileged benefits & gifts
  • Build Relationships

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