ThoughtMaQers AD Manager

"InsideOut" the mobile ad-managing engine enables and serves clients to publish, promote their ads and increase reach to multiple audiences and geographics faster than any other medium. Managing ads have been simplified with the ad serving technology for online publishers (news sites, online communities, entertainment sites, social networks, e-commerce sites). To manage the complex process of how and when the ads appear on their websites and allocate and space most effectively propeller will be the right tool to help you.

While advertising is the promotional campaign itself, advertising management can address the whole process - the function of marketing starting from the market research continuing through advertising, leading to actual sales or achievement of objective, potentially including evaluation of the entire cost-benefits to the company involved.


Propeller is a free, easy way to grow your business by placing ads with us and get going beyond horizons. How will Propeller change people’s daily lives & businesses?

Know the reasons

Targeted ADS for Targeted Audiences

Smartphone and Tablets are the mobility devices that walk and talk with you responsively all time. The relevant Ads placed with high quality content or videos for the perfect audience. The result? You can earn opportunities and profits from them.

You Manage What Ads You Want

Prioritize AD hotspots, customize to your convenience and restrict what you don’t want.

You pay high your Ads go live

We line and connect you to the world’s largest online advertisers and networks who are bidding for your ad space so you get the most for your ads.

In-App Ads

One of the first monetization strategies considered by ThoughtMaQers is In-app Ads. InsideOut experts spend a significant amount of time in placing, positioning and profiting the ADS for maximum eyeballs and in turn generation clicks, impression and leads.


The basic idea of the freemium model is to offer economical version of the app that still meets the needs of most users but less features and value adds. In addition, a premium version is offered with a package of additional features. Ideally, enough users will choose to purchase the premium upgrade to offset the cost of development.

Affliates and Referrals

Similar to in-app ads, affiliate programs and referrals create enough demand generation for your users. Collection of clicks, impressions and leads still would cost users, utilize the opportunity to cash on business. Matching referral offers with user profiles can transform the ADS into a shopping magazine that drives sales.

In-App Purchases

ADS hosted on House of Mixx will pioneer the in-app purchases monetization strategy. This is very similar to the freemium model and even has a great catchphrase: “free to play, pay to win.” However, here the ADS promoted and branded, can be a FEED or Marketed with our strategic partners ensuring to give new leads & business opportunities. The key is to provide just enough free access to the your users that they begin to experience the value of making in-app purchases.

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